Our Services

Professional Representation
We'll pair you with a professional, fully trained and experienced Transaction Coordinator (TC) from our team who is available to start working on your files immediately. Real Time Savers has a detailed management system in place, allowing you to go about your day knowing your TC will be handling your transactions and clients with care.
Full File Setup
At the start of each new transaction, your Transaction Coordinator will review all contract documents for full execution. Your TC will prepare a "Transaction Summary" compiling contact info for all parties involved as well as a detailed timeline of upcoming deadlines and milestone. An introduction with copy of the contract and summary will be sent out to escrow, the lender, your client, and cooperating agent so all are ready to travel the road to closing together.
Timeline Management
Your Transaction Coordinator will monitor all deadlines to make sure both sides of the deal fulfill their obligations. While your out showing properties, we'll be working behind the scene, tracking Buyer's loan progress and escrow time frames. We'll work with clients when additional reports are needed such as well and HOA records. Your TC will assist with ordering home warranties and condo resale certificates. Your clients will be thrilled as milestones are completed on time.
Document Execution
Throughout the transaction your Transaction Coordinator will work with you to prepare additional addenda and notices. As signatures become needed, your TC will also be available to send documents out for electronic signing through Authentisign. We'll keep track of missing items, follow up, and forward completed documents to all applicable parties. Meanwhile, you'll be free to run down new listings, not paperwork.
Streamlined Communication
Your Transaction Coordinator will be the connection between all parties. We'll follow up for status updates and consistently provide easy-to-read progress reports. Your clients will receive additional guidance as your TC explains upcoming milestones, provides action steps and gives tips throughout the process. Our goal is to provide information before the question is asked. However, your TC will also be readily available to answer inquiries that do come up.
File Auditing
Prior to closing, your Transaction Coordinator will review each file to confirm all required forms are on hand and documents fully executed. An electronic copy of the transaction records (including documents and email communication) will be packaged up for you and your broker after the deal has closed. While we make sure all of your paperwork is complete and office requirements met, you'll have a free calendar to write up your next contract.
Affordable Rates
Our services at Real Time Savers are designed to make full-time, experienced Transaction Coordinators affordable to ALL real estate agents regardless of if you are new, veteran, successful or just getting started in the business. We charge a 1-time, flat fee of $450 per transaction*, which gets paid at closing. If the deal fails to close, nothing is owed. Your TC will only get paid when you do! *The above rate is quoted for the average real estate transaction where the agent represents one side of the transaction and is scheduled to close within the typical 45-60 day timeframe. For quotes on transactions outside of these parameters including dual agency transactions, please contact us directly before submitting your transaction for setup.