Frequently Asked Questions

A Transaction Coordinator, or “TC” for short, is responsible for managing the details of a real estate deal from contract to close. Your Transaction Coordinator will be the connection between agents, clients, escrow companies and lenders, monitoring the file’s progress, ensuring timelines are met and that documents are properly executed.
The average agent spends nearly 20 hours after mutual acceptance managing the tedious details of each transaction. Realtors become trapped in a web of communication between the many parties involved, wasting valuable time on the phone and email checking for status updates. So ask yourself this: How much prospecting can you do in 20 hours? Our Transaction Coordinators at Real Time Savers free up your calendar so you can spend that time more profitably, finding new clients and selling more property.
Today’s consumer wants to be informed as milestones are met throughout their transaction. And in a world filled with smart phones, they expect to receive answers almost immediately to questions. Most agents are very busy however. Your day consists of juggling many tasks and when available to talk, you may not always have answers on hand. Buyers and sellers find that dedicated Transaction Coordinators are readily available to assist, answering their questions quicker and more comprehensively than their agent may have been able to in that moment. In our experience, Real Time Savers’ Transaction Coordinators increase customer satisfaction, gaining you more repeat business and referrals.
There are huge cost saving advantages to hiring a virtual assistant over someone in-house. There are no extra charges for phone lines, desk space, payroll taxes, licensing fees, office supplies, software, printer ink, etc. Additionally, our Transaction Coordinators at Real Time Savers come fully trained and experiences saving you ample training time. Further, you wont have to worry about employee retention or paying your assistant during a slow month. We only get paid when you do!
A popular feature of working with Real Time Savers’ Transaction Coordinators is that we only get paid when you do! Your TC will be paid a 1-time per transaction, flat fee upon successful closing. So, if you have a deal that unfortunately fails to close, no fee is owed.